Sketch of the Week . 004 . Frank (Donnie Darko)

If you haven’t already guessed from Sketch 002, I have a special place in my heart for the strange. After a sci-fi movie night this weekend, I decided to draw one of my favourite quirky characters from one of my favourite movies. Without further ado: My rendition of Frank, the rabbit from Donnie Darko. If…

Crits From Hell: Keeping Your Cool in the Face of Negative Feedback.

The mid-crit temper tantrum was something I had witnessed on occasion. When it did happen, there was always one resulting lesson that I found to be clear: It is better to be open to discussing areas that could use improvement, rather than arguing that there are none at all.

The following points are intended to encourage you to keep your cool through frustrating crit moments:

Architecture School Presentations: 10 Tips for Success

The final studio presentation is the climax of any design school project. Ensuring a successful presentation will involve the clear communication of key elements of your project, as well as an openness to constructive feedback offered. So, how can you ensure that success?

The Traveling Designer

Many of us have dreams of traveling that are often separate from the goals we have for our careers. It can be hard to imagine how traveling and your career can become one and the same. Maybe you occasionally witness someone else in a far-off walk of life make it work, but traveling as part of your career may not seem like a possible reality – but it can be.


Theoretically the distinction between landscape architecture and architecture may be fairly clear. With that said, for someone that has a passion for impacting our environment through design, making the decision to go into one field or the other can be challenging.