Sketch of the Week . 006 . Salvador Dali

Over the past few weeks of sketching, I have come to learn that there are a few readers out there that enjoy the weird and quirky just as much as I do. I have asked what artists you’d like to see me explore and on more than one occasion you have requested Salvador Dali, so I have decided it is time to explore a little surrealism (pun intended).


Sketch of the Week . 005 . Patkau . Shaw House

I can remember the day I truly fell in love with raw concrete, wood, and the ephemeral qualities of light. It was when I stumbled across these photos captured by Paul Warchol of the Shaw House designed by Patkau Architects (team: Michael Cunningham, John Patkau, Patricia Patkau, Peter Suter) located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I absolutely love the way the materials: concrete, wood, water, and light have come together to form spaces that feel simple and clean, yet are complex.

Sketch of the Week . 003 . One-Point Perspective

As much as I love figure drawing, I thought I would try out something a bit more architectural for this week’s feature sketch. I have always enjoyed the look of one-point perspective aerial views. So, I have decided to do a night time view with the primary illumination coming from the street. This was fun to draw, but more time consuming than I would have originally thought. I wish the page could have been densely packed with buildings, but alas I had to cut it short.

Sketch of the Week . 002 . Gonzo Art

Ralph Steadman has been the inspiration for the second sketch in my Sketch of the Week series. Apart from the fact that I couldn’t wait to try out the gonzo style, I felt his influence in this second self portrait would be a perfect departure from my first self portrait.