Applying to Architecture School: The Portfolio

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Architecture School – Providing Relief for Syrian Refugees

Nadine recently shared an article on Ikea’s answer to refugee housing, which reminded me of the many opportunities that exist for architects and designers to offer real solutions for global issues. Simultaneously, I have been following the welcoming of Syrian refugees into my hometown of Calgary. I thought – Naturally the two issues flow seamlessly together and could be a perfect opportunity for architecture students to get involved.

Are there any architecture schools out there that are exploring the possibility of providing relief for Syrian refugees through design?

The Real Challenges of Architecture School and the Profession Beyond

Every day I wake up thankful that I chose architecture as my career path. Does that make me a bit of a masochist, as they pointed out in the documentary Archiculture? I wouldn’t necessarily think it does, but then again the satisfaction I get from persevering through intense physical and mental hardships can’t be beat.

I recently spoke about why I loved architecture school, and also communicated my satisfaction in finding how architecture school compares to working. However, I don’t want to paint a one-sided picture for aspiring architects. So, let me tell you a bit about the realities of architecture school and working afterward. Read through and consider if these are challenges you are ready to face.

A Recommended Documentary: Archiculture

Have you ever been sucked into the Youtube vortex and found yourself just tumbling deeper and deeper into the depths of the abyss? I have! Though at least these days I try to stay within the realm of the useful.

When you have a few minutes, go check out Archiculture.

The Digital Take Over: Hand Drawing in Architecture

Perfectly round lenses. Black turtleneck worn high with pride. Very architect-y indeed!

These are the obvious first impressions of a meeting with an architect to discuss design ideas for an upcoming project. So you know the drill. Discussion begins to flow, intensity around various ideas builds. At some point pen might hit paper, right? Is that still a thing?

Crits From Hell: Keeping Your Cool in the Face of Negative Feedback.

The mid-crit temper tantrum was something I had witnessed on occasion. When it did happen, there was always one resulting lesson that I found to be clear: It is better to be open to discussing areas that could use improvement, rather than arguing that there are none at all.

The following points are intended to encourage you to keep your cool through frustrating crit moments:

The Architectural Idea: Building Concept Inspiration

The building conceptĀ  is the unifying idea that will drive many of the design decisions. It may be discovered as you peel back various layers of influence and will help to inform your design direction. The idea, through architectural design, seeks to address significant factors impacting the project in a poetic way.

As a student that is new to architecture, the process of formulating the concept for your building can be challenging. Consider the following avenues of thought when developing your idea:

Architecture School Presentations: 10 Tips for Success

The final studio presentation is the climax of any design school project. Ensuring a successful presentation will involve the clear communication of key elements of your project, as well as an openness to constructive feedback offered. So, how can you ensure that success?

Why I Loved Architecture School

I recently wrote about how working in an architectural firm compares to architecture school. I realized it might be beneficial to preface that post with this one, outlining all of the reasons I loved architecture school. Architecture school fostered an inspiring and creative atmosphere. Classes exploring everything from hand drawing line weights, nude figures, perspectives,…