Studio Crumbs is a blog I have created to document all of the advice I collect along my path to becoming an architect in Canada. My path began prior to architecture school, continued during my time as a student, and progresses now as an intern architect working toward becoming registered. I believe my journey will be useful for you because I am establishing myself within the new age of architecture. As technology advances, getting started in architecture today is a new and unique experience. School is different. The profession is different. Marketing yourself as a creative professional is different!

I have had countless questions along this path and have found many of the answers in obscure places. So, I thought, why not combine all of the information I find into one place? Why not create a community of aspiring architects where support and encouragement can be found?

I’m leaving these Studio Crumbs here for you to find, so the information I discover along my path isn’t completely lost, but can be shared. If you have questions, if you are concerned about something, or are feeling unsure about the path you are on, feel free to e-mail me at studiocrumbs@hotmail.com.


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