My name is Dani and I am an intern architect currently working in Calgary, Canada.

Based on that intro you can probably guess that I am creative and enjoy working with other creative people. I am well accustomed to studio life: as a recovering perfectionist that has pulled one too many all-nighters. I dream of my career as a way to live my life passionately. Contributing to community through unique design solutions.

Things you may not know are that I can subsist for many days in a row on pub-style mac n cheese and chocolate. The maple bite of Innis and Gunn is my drink of choice, along with the sharp sip of Irish Whiskey. To balance a life filled with decadent treats comes my passion for fitness, nutrition, and outdoor adventures. I enjoy just a hint of adrenaline with board sports, diving with the ocean’s largest creatures, or other adventures around the world.

I plan on developing myself as an architect, while also exploring other creative avenues such as graphic art and – blogging! I hope to share some of my creative endeavours with you here.