The University of Calgary Environmental Design Networking Event

On Thursday evening, I had the pleasure of attending the University of Calgary Environmental Design Networking Event. The way the evening works is a variety of companies, consisting mostly of architecture and landscape architecture firms, are invited to come and meet with students to discuss their firm and answer questions. Each firm is assigned a room and groups of students circulate through to meet with the firms of their choosing. It is an incredibly valuable event where industry meets academia, creating connections that could prove to be valuable in the future. Also, to share a little fun fact with you, I met my current colleagues at the very same event when I was a student!

It was my second year attending the event with my colleagues representing our firm. Both years have proven to be enriching, as I find I come away having been reminded of some valuable things. The discussions cover a lot of the fundamentals of starting your career in architecture and what life working in an architecture firm is really like.

Without an occasional recalibration, I think it can be easy for people to fall into a rut with their careers. I’m sure we’ve all witnessed the people that seem to reluctantly grind through every day of work. The energy they exude is often quite pessimistic and every second thought they express is negative. Admittedly, I see their circumstance as one that any of us can fall into, but I also see it as one that we have control over. That type of situation is all but a matter of perspective.

Perspective is exactly what the Networking Event has provided for me the last two years I have attended. As discussions continued over the course of the evening I had the opportunity to share what makes me most excited about my career in architecture and what is so incredible about the firm that I am a part of. It all proves to be an exercise in gratitude, which is really an exercise that should be practiced every day!

Coming away from the event, I would like to share with you the top questions asked by students about beginning your career in architecture. I will recap our answers that we shared during the event over the next few blog posts in a “U of C Networking Event” series.

Some of these questions will include:

What are the qualities most sought after in new hires?

How do you avoid being lost in the crowd?

What responsibilities might you have right out of school?

How was the transition from school to work?

Stay tuned for this information. Also, if you’d like any other questions answered, don’t hesitate to comment below or email me at


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