Sketch of the Week . 005 . Patkau . Shaw House

I can remember the day I truly fell in love with raw concrete, wood, and the ephemeral qualities of light. It was when I stumbled across these photos captured by Paul Warchol of the Shaw House designed by Patkau Architects (team: Michael Cunningham, John Patkau, Patricia Patkau, Peter Suter) located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I absolutely love the way the materials: concrete, wood, water, and light have come together to form spaces that feel simple and clean, yet complex.

Obviously, one of my favourite aspects of the project is the lap pool that extends above the entire western half of the house. Right from the main entrance, an incredible effect of rippled light permeates from the water above and becomes a part of the architecture. I imagine this experience must compliment the incredible views across the English Bay perfectly, as you’d feel surrounded by the ocean in every sense.

Photographs captured by Paul Warchol:

As part of the Master of Architecture program, I had the pleasure of working with John and Patricia Patkau in a week-long intensive studio exploring design within the city of Calgary at a variety of scales. It was a lot of a fun with a couple of late nights in studio working with a really great team.


The Patkau’s have played a part in shaping who I am as an intern architect today. For that reason, I have decided to share a sketch of the Shaw House as this week’s feature:


If you would like to check out previous sketches, feel free to follow the links to Sketch 001, Sketch 002, Sketch 003, and Sketch 004.

Also, if you’d like to see me explore the style of a particular artist share that with me in the comments below.


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  1. Love the angles and the light, as well. That is something I try to capture in my paintings.


    1. Dani Lalonde says:

      Thank you! I was trying to be fairly quick with it and would have loved to get more detailed with the light in the water. It is definitely one of my favourite things about the house.


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