Design-Life Balance: More Hours Does Not Mean Success

Balancing life and your design career, I’m learning, will be something primarily up to you. Whether in school or during work, You will decide how many hours you put in a day. There will always be deadlines coming up, there will always be clients that want results as fast as possible. Design is never “finished” if you don’t decide it is.

Over-working yourself will not make you a better designer. Sleep deprivation will destroy your ability to be creative,  your ability to present, and the quality of your work. More importantly, your physical and mental health will suffer.

As a part of this blog I plan on sharing all things I come across related to design-life balance. This will include any strategies relating directly to a design career, as well as those relating to physical and mental health in general.

Your success as a designer will only partly have to do with your creative skills and work ethic. It will also have to do with your ability to work efficiently and strategize.


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