Design Career Series: The Designer’s Business Card

Alright so you’re a student in a creative field and there is as a networking event coming up. You know you need some business cards to hand out so you…

A. Open up Microsoft Word and find a template you like.
B. Pick a template online and order.
C. Grab a piece of 8.5“x11“, rip it up into pieces and scribble your contact info on each. Then stuff the scraps into a zip lock bag and DONE.
D. None of the  above.

Obviously, If you’re a design student of any kind none of the above are acceptable. Put those design skills to use and come up with something creative.

It doesn’t have to be standard cardstock. It could be velum, wood, metal, acrylic, anything you can imagine. Just ensure it remains as close to standard size as possible so it can easily fit into a wallet. Also ensure edges are dull and ink (if used) adheres without transfer.

Choose a font that is appropriate for your particular creative profession. Some might be a bit more out there, or expressive. Others might be clean and simple. Use your best judgement.

Don’t be afraid to use colour. It’s not necessary in order to project a more creative brand, but the option is there.

You might print, use the laser cutter, assemble multiple materials in a unique way, hand craft with woodworking tools – again, the options are endless.

Perhaps the card isn’t a standard shape. That could be really interesting. If you attempt something new just keep in mind some of the comments above: ease to store and hold, overall practicality.

Let your business card be an icon that speaks of your brand, a personal gesture to the recipient. A lot of sources across the Web are even saying: limit the amount of contacts you include. Perhaps just list an email address and website. It is on your website that you can go into further detail.

So, if your business card is a statement – How can you create something that really represents you as a unique designer?

Questions or insights in the comment below, or to


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