Design Career Series: Architecture-Specific Interview Practice Questions

When I was preparing for design interviews I found that though there are a lot of general interview practice questions available on the Web, there are not as many design-specific practice questions. For that reason I have decided to share some of the real interview questions myself and my colleagues have been asked (some general, some design-specific):

Do you find that Rhino dictates your design, or is it a tool that facilitates the expression of a design already in place?

Who is your favourite Architect and why?

Why did you choose to apply at our firm?

Explain this [points at randomly chosen diagram in portfolio]

Please further explain the social issues surrounding your building concept.

What would your ideal first month be?

Do you have any passions surrounding a particular building type?

How do you feel about medical? Office? Retail? Institutional? Residential?

Do you have a particular architectural passion?

What are your thoughts on surprise and delight in architecture?

What have you done since you’ve completed your architecture degree?

Describe the kind of work that interests you.

What do you know about this firm?

Why do you feel you are suited for this job?

What characteristic do you have that sets you apart from other applicants?

Give an example of a stressful / difficult situation in the work place that you’ve encountered and explain how you were able to overcome it?

Give an example of work that you have undertaken as part of a team and outline some ways in which you dealt with the challenges of designing within a team environment?

Though you may not be asked the exact same questions, hopefully these will help get you into the right frame of mind for your interview.

Any memorable interview questions you would like to share? Further insights and questions in the comments below or to


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mehdi says:

    Thanks for the post … Really useful … Now I can guess other possible questions !


    1. Dani Lalonde says:

      Awesome! So glad this might help you!

      I also thought of one more that I have been asked:

      “How are you at model making?”


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