Design Career Series: 4 Tips for Creating a Design Promotional Piece

Are you itching to get a little more creative with your application package? Consider creating a promotional piece that showcases a combination of your qualifications and a preview of some of your best design work.

Here are four tips for creating a design promotional piece:

ONE. Keep in mind the same basic rules of creating a design resume.
You can review the guidelines surrounding creating a design resume here.

TWO. Develop something that exists as a hard copy.
With the exception of some design fields,  design often exists as something tactile. Take the promotional piece as an opportunity to exhibit your expertise in print. It could even mean something sculpted, painted, constructed, etc. This will all depend on the type of career you are applying for. If you typically work in digital format, consider something unique in that realm.

THREE. Keep it practical.
Ensure whatever you create is easy to transport, store, recycle, or has some sort of convenient use. Make sure not to leave the recipient at a loss of what to do with it.

FOUR. Allow yourself creative freedom.
Include more graphics than might be found on your resume. Consider including some sample work that will be expanded upon in your portfolio. The key here is to provide a preview of your work and not to display all of your work. That is what your portfolio is for.

Dani Lalonde: Promotional Piece.
For my promotional piece, I created a 4 inch by 4 inch flip book. It contains the information from my resume, as well as samples of my best work.


Do any of you have some unique promotional piece ideas you’d like to share? I am always welcoming insights or questions in the comments below, or at



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