Design Career Series: 5 Tips for Landing a Design Job

As the days are getting longer,  that can only mean one thing: you have moved in to the second half of the school year! This is a key time for stepping in to your career, so to get things rolling here are five tips for beginning the job hunt:

ONE. Get moving… NOW!
It is not uncommon for students to be out as early as February or March, so don’t wait a second longer. If you haven’t put together your application package yet (cover letter, resume and portfolio) then February reading week will be the perfect time for that.

TWO. Apply even if you’re unsure about being ready.
The process itself is incredibly valuable. Even if you don’t land a job right away each experience will contribute to your eventual success.

THREE. Tap in to your connections.
Who you know really does make a huge difference, especially in your earliest years. In the summer following my first year in Architecture School every single student that got a job did so through someone they knew, whether that was a studio prof they had worked with, a family friend, etc. Reach out to whoever you can!

FOUR. Get creative with your application package.
You are applying for a position in design – express yourself.

FIVE. Market yourself as a team player and focus on strong communication of your ideas.
Firms will likely be looking for at least that.

Within this series I will be going in to details surrounding the entire process.  Everything from creating your application package, to prepping for an interview in design and beyond. If you have any questions of your own I would be happy to answer those here as well.

Stay tuned!


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