Welcome My Fellow Designers!

Perhaps you and I may both agree that design school kick starts the process of generating and expressing creative ideas, or at least that’s what we hope it will help us achieve…

How can we ensure that is what we get out of design school? Better yet, how can we become great designers in school and following into our careers, while still leading balanced lives?

These were questions I had only just started to ask myself as I began my journey. I came from a biology background with absolutely no idea of what to expect. The swing from writing lab reports in the Biological Sciences faculty to preparing for studio crits in Architecture was huge. Not to mention trying to get noticed in a pool of highly skilled and creative applicants in the “real world.”

Look… I didn’t blaze THE trail, but I blazed MY trail. Along the way I’ve accumulated a lot of strategies to navigate life as a designer – right from applying for school to working as an Intern Architect… and the journey continues.

I’m here to share with you the steps I’ve taken and will continue to take, with hopes of contributing to a positive and supportive atmosphere within our design community. Everything from applying for design school, succeeding once you’re there, and carrying that success in to your career!

These are my experiences, don’t hesitate to share yours and/or ask questions along the way.


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