Establishing Good Habits Using a Daily Chain

Have you ever noticed how some goals that you set out to achieve seem somewhat allusive? While you reach some milestones with ease, others seem to just slip from your grasp time and time again. I have definitely been there, however recently I have been experimenting with a strategy to break through those goal plateaus. My strategy for achieving my goals is nothing new, it’s as simple as building a daily habit chain.


Starting Your Architecture Career: Standing Out from the Crowd

Relatively speaking, the architecture workforce is not the most massive. Firms don’t occupy entire office towers with thousands of employees in a single location. For that reason, especially in these economic times, it is a competitive industry and it can be tough to get your foot in the door. This brings us to another popular question asked by students in the Networking Event Series: How do you make sure you stand out in the crowd?

Goal Tracking for the Month of February

February was a quick and successful month, though I could feel the momentum slowing a bit in the last week. It didn’t help that I came down with a pretty nasty flu this past week as well, so admittedly writing this blog post was the last thing I felt like doing. Motivation is undoubtedly one of the most crucial parts to any goal, so I know that now more than ever I need to dig in and reignite the flame. Sharing my progress with you will help ensure I evaluate my current status and where I may be experiencing weaknesses before they develop into real problems.

Sketch of the Week . 006 . Salvador Dali

Over the past few weeks of sketching, I have come to learn that there are a few readers out there that enjoy the weird and quirky just as much as I do. I have asked what artists you’d like to see me explore and on more than one occasion you have requested Salvador Dali, so I have decided it is time to explore a little surrealism (pun intended).

What is the Most Sought-After Skill in New Architecture Hires?

Having spent a large fraction of our lives in school, it can be hard to imagine what qualities will be the most sought-after when transitioning into your professional career. Though the academic world builds key skills in innovation and presentation, the professional world is a much more complex entity with many more elements that come into play. So, how do you know what abilities are most sought after in new hires? This was the most popular question asked at this year’s University of Calgary EVDS Networking Event. As a result, it is the first question I would like to tackle in this Networking Event Series.

The University of Calgary Environmental Design Networking Event

Perspective is exactly what the Networking Event has provided for me the last two years I have attended. As discussions continued over the course of the evening I had the opportunity to share what makes me most excited about my career in architecture and what is so incredible about the firm that I am a part of. It all proves to be an exercise in gratitude, which is really an exercise that should be practiced every day!

Coming away from the event, I would like to share with you the top questions asked by students about beginning your career in architecture. I will recap our answers that we shared during the event over the next few blog posts in a “U of C Networking Event” series.

Sketch of the Week . 005 . Patkau . Shaw House

I can remember the day I truly fell in love with raw concrete, wood, and the ephemeral qualities of light. It was when I stumbled across these photos captured by Paul Warchol of the Shaw House designed by Patkau Architects (team: Michael Cunningham, John Patkau, Patricia Patkau, Peter Suter) located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I absolutely love the way the materials: concrete, wood, water, and light have come together to form spaces that feel simple and clean, yet are complex.

Sketch of the Week . 004 . Frank (Donnie Darko)

If you haven’t already guessed from Sketch 002, I have a special place in my heart for the strange. After a sci-fi movie night this weekend, I decided to draw one of my favourite quirky characters from one of my favourite movies. Without further ado: My rendition of Frank, the rabbit from Donnie Darko. If…

Weathering the Storm During a Recession

I feel incredibly fortunate to have graduated when I did, just slightly before things started to get bad. For that reason, I was able to find work right away. I know that students graduating now from architecture may not have that same luxury. In fact, I know as the recession continues employment isn’t necessarily set in stone for anyone. It never really is set in stone, is it?

Alright, now enough with all of the doom and gloom. Sure, times are hard, but there are a lot of ways we can create opportunities for ourselves. I wanted to share some of my thoughts on that with you here today:

Sketch of the Week . 003 . One-Point Perspective

As much as I love figure drawing, I thought I would try out something a bit more architectural for this week’s feature sketch. I have always enjoyed the look of one-point perspective aerial views. So, I have decided to do a night time view with the primary illumination coming from the street. This was fun to draw, but more time consuming than I would have originally thought. I wish the page could have been densely packed with buildings, but alas I had to cut it short.

Is Architecture Right for You?

I haven’t always known that I wanted to be an architect. It was an idea that had crossed my mind in high school, along with so many other ideas. I knew I loved art and design, right from the moment I could hold a crayon or mash finger paints. However, as the years rolled on I learned I loved a lot of other things, too. I’ve loved playing sports, reading true crime novels, dissections in biology class, and by high school I even loved calculus (thanks to one incredible math teacher). I am grateful that I have taken interest in so many different aspects of life, though that personality trait has led to somewhat of a convoluted path.